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Creating Competitive Jobs is an Interreg project between Swedish and Danish universities and business organizations who want to test a new method to utilize research and increase companies’ ability to absorb it.

During the period of September - November 2013, all small-and medium-sized enterprises in the Öresund region had the opportunity to apply for the project with an idea that needs to be developed. We received 89 applications in total and before the end of the year, 25 companies were selected for interviews. The existing budget allowed us to select 15 companies that are now offered positions at five different universities.

Participation in the project is completely free of charge for the companies and they will receive support as interdisciplinary research skills and salaries for working with the idea through a fixed term at a university. The project has considered appropriate researchers from Sweden and Denmark who have been matched with the companies to help them develop the idea that they applied with.

After a very succesful period in 2013, we are working to find funding for a new period. Are you interested in working with us? Please, let us know.

The illustration below shows how Creating Competitive Jobs works but if you have questions or concerns, please contact us.